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Featured Products

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and Announcements

We design an extensive array of custom wedding invitations in all price ranges and printed invitations for any occasion.


We not only print the invitation, but we also provide guest addressing.

Custom Stationery

We carry a wide selection of correspondence cards and custom stationery.   Additionally, we have custom labels, stickers and note pads.

You can choose from from formal and distinguished

to informal and casual.

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We have greeting cards for all occasions – birthdays, weddings, anniversary, graduation, sympathy, friendship, get well, new baby, new home, and all holidays.


Chocolate greeting cards are available for that special person with a sweet tooth!

Hand Towels
"Linens with Attitude"

Our linens celebrate the good things in life - family, friends, and the joys of wine.

They are very funny and to the point. 

They make great gifts for you or your loved ones. 
We have something for everyone.

No wonder they are some of our best sellers!

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Napkin Holder

Napkin Holder

Oyster Bowl

Oyster Bowl

Egg Tray

Egg Tray

Pampa Bay

Pampa Bay’s unique products combine the elegance and care-free attributes of titanium with beauty of high-fired, white porcelain.

Unique in their combination of materials and striking in design, Pampa Bay gifts fit today’s lifestyles, and they are dishwasher safe.

You can warm up your dishes in the oven, and keep dessert in the freezer. These products are scratch resistant and stain and tarnish-free.

Nora Fleming
Stoneware and Mini's

Durable stoneware serving pieces featuring Nora Fleming's signature pearl pattern will add grace and style to any table!


And Nora Fleming's hand painted Mini's add a colorful and whimsical flair to any stoneware!

 Available in a variety of seasonal, nautical, tropical and other designs.   Mix and match to complement or add a colorful accent to your décor

Once you get one, you'll want many more!

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Frasier Fir 

Candles and Diffusers


The aroma from Frasier Fir candles and diffusers envelopes you as you go about your daily duties, and gives you new spring in your step.

This fragrance transports you to the outdoors where Frasier Firs grow and impart their fragrance to any and all who happen upon them.

With your Frasier Fir fragrance we are allowed the same beautiful outdoor fragrance indoors where we are warm and cozy.



Come in and explore our children's gift items,

including Cuddle Barn’s animated, stuffed animals,

children’s books, puzzles, beach toys,

tooth fairy boxes to cash in on that just lost tooth, Florida designed swaddles for that new arrival,

a selection of mermaid and pirate dolls,

and much more.

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Personalized Products
Party Supplies

From cups and napkins to mouse pads, we offer personalized products for any occasion.


Complete party supplies, including hats, poppers, piñatas, streamers, and candles are always available.

Exclusive Products
and Other Gift Items


We sell many other high quality  gift items,

including our exclusive "Snuffy's Meow" stationery,

a variety of picture frames, totes, wristlets,

seaglass jewelry,  and more.

We invite you to explore and find the perfect gift

 for those special occasions.

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Gift Cards

We offer a variety of

Salutation of Delray gift cards.

You can buy gift cards at our store or

online by clicking here!

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